What does Adobe buying comScore Digital Analytix mean to the marketplace?

Adobe acquires DAX

This morning, Bill Ingram announced on the Adobe website that it has reached an agreement to purchase the ComScore Digital Analytics Business.  In 2010, ComScore themselves acquired what is today the Digital Analytix product.  At that time, NedStat, based in Amsterdam had about 125 people and the transaction amount was $36.7 million USD.  Terms of the Adobe deal have not been disclosed yet, but needless to say, the DAX product has in fact been a formidable competitor to Adobe and has played well in developing markets, especially in video analytics.

ComScore had some pretty innovative product development through their Digital Analytix product. DAX became a robust and yet very flexible platform, with multiple capabilities regarding data collection and measurement, from the comScore market unified measurement (panel and tag data) to internal (like CRM) client data. We think that the acquisition was for three major areas: the DAX customer base, the DAX technology and the DAX engineering staff.

From ComScore’s perspective, their focus has been in advertising and media and while they have created a solid product development team, I wonder if they were interested in continuing to invest in the DAX product line relative to their other product lines for real-time advertising.

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Lima Consulting Group at SIP Connect 2015

See Paul Lima, Managing Partner of Lima Consulting Group presenting at the InterAmerican Press Association annual conference, SIP Connect 2015.

All guests attending to SIP Connect 2015 will gather for the closing ceremony today at 6:00 pm ET to learn from LCG's Maturity Model. Paul Lima will be also introducing, for the first time in history, the groundbreaking Return on Marketing Technologies Research findings for the Top 250 Media and Entertainment websites.

Lima Consulting Group audited the top 250 Media and Entreatment websites using ObservePoint's advanced tag auditing solution. Armed with this groundbreaking data, the team of Digital Marketing Analysts and Data Scientists at Lima Consulting Group came up with never before seen insights about the world's leading Media and Entertainment websites.

Minutes before going up on stage, Paul Lima said: "I’ve learned a lot from SIPConnect2015, I hope that I can only give back a little when I deliver the keynote tonight with Rosenthal as my partner. Rosenthal is a distinguished journalist and stateman of the industry, I’m honored to have the chance to work with him tonight. We plan to present a message of optimism to the journalists throughout the Americas"

See the complete presentation below and stay tuned to download the final Media and Entreatment white paper to:

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Five Brands That Are Setting The Bar For Customer Experience Innovation

Companies that make life easier for their customers are rewarded with more than a one-time sale. Stimulated by sensationalism, social media trends and a generational force that is changing how brands earn loyalty and trust, consumers have become more critical and cynical. It is especially crucial for companies to cultivate their brand loyalists nowadays with consumers who are not only becoming more diverse, but wiser about their purchasing habits and more mindful of living their lifestyles. In order to achieve this goal, it is important for marketing and technology to work together to provide successful and innovative customer service.

Recently Giselle Abramovich published an interesting article on CMO.com emphasizing the five brands that successfully triangulate on customer needs, business model, and brand.

customer_experience1-604x272_0All of the brands below are products of Adobe. Lima Consulting Group is a proud certified partner of Adobe. Here at Lima Consulting Group, we help organizations develop, deploy and measure effective digital marketing strategies. We are a trusted adviser to digital marketers in the Americas, using a proprietary series of multi-disciplinary methodologies to improve their Return on Marketing Investment. The LCG team includes experts in strategy, data science, business intelligence, digital marketing and technology, who provide these services in the languages spoken throughout the Americas.

With that description in mind, here are the five brand that are setting the bar for customer experience innovation.

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Digital Marketing Career Trend &Top Marketing Programs for Graduates of 2015

​The period from mid-May to mid-July is one when hundreds of thousands of young adults in their early 20s say farewell to student lives and celebrate future. Yes, graduation season is well underway--with college seniors donning caps and gowns to celebrate their achievement. For those of you who are interested in entering a career in digital marketing, it is time to think about your life after college.

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Why Should You Care About Tag Management? – A Summary Of Forrester’s Report

In the previous blog post, we talked about the fundamental of tag management and how it may solve the problem of too much technology and data. Today, we will go more in-depth with Forrester’s Report on how you can advance you digital intelligence with tag management. Here are some key take ways from the report.
Problems Faced By Digital Marketers
In the ever-changing digital intelligence market today, CI professionals are struggling to integrate data, insights, and capabilities from multiple analytic-driven technologies to deliver digital intelligence for the following reasons:
■ Ad hoc processes for collecting digital data put digital analytics at risk.
■ Firms struggle to scale digital marketing programs
■ Without real-time data manipulation, optimization is limited. read more

Tag Management Boost Digital Intelligence


Digital marketing solutions have evolved significantly over the last decade. Marketers have seen an explosion in the number of digital marketing tools available to them, from a few dozen major email, analytics and advertising services at the beginning of the century, to as many as 2,000 marketing cloud applications today, according to Scott Brinker of ChiefMartec.com.

Ironically, what marketers are facing now is too much technology and data, and the problem is how to efficiently manage it. So what's the solution? Here is where tag management system (TMS) comes in. In fact, it should be the foundation and step 1 of your digital marketing strategy. According to the Econsultancy and Tealium report, 87 percent of digital marketers now believe that tag management is key to their online success. read more

8 Marketing Conferences That You Cannot Miss This Summer

Clock is ticking! It is time to start planning what conferences to attend in the summer of 2015!

6a00d83451b09469e20167618250c6970b-popup1Why can’t you afford to miss digital marketing events this summer? Well, in the ever changing digital marketing industry, nothing remains the same. What used to work well a year ago, may not necessarily be the case now. Therefore it is important to ensure you are aware of the latest news in the industry so you can implement the best practices on a daily basis for your company and clients.

Below is of a list of conferences this summer that we believe you will find useful. Mark your calendar and get ready!

Copyblogger Authority Rainmaker

Hosted by CopybloggerThe Authority Rainmaker Conference is new on the scene, and worth every penny to attend. Marquee speakers like Daniel Pink, Ann Handley, Danny Sullivan, Chris Brogan and of course Copyblogger’s Brian Clark will share their expertise on design, website content, traffic and content conversion opportunities.

When: May 13–15

Where: Denver

Price: $995

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