Leading Travel Ecommerce Sites Struggle with Digital Marketing Data Quality, According to New Research

How The Top Travel Sites Perform

-- Online travel agencies are leading the charge while airlines lag behind --

OREM, Utah, April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In the second installment of The Return on Marketing Technology research series, Lima Consulting Group  and ObservePoint conducted extensive research on the top 140 global travel websites to get a granular look at their digital marketing technology deployments.

The research report titled "The ROI of Marketing Technologies: How the Top Travel Sites Stack Up" shows that only 89.3% of all pages audited have a web analytics tag; and 36.8% of pages report inflated page view metrics across all sites. These factors contribute to poor data quality for some of the web's biggest digital marketing spenders.

"According to research by Gartner, CMOs will spend more on IT than the CIO by 2017," said Paul Lima, principal at Lima Consulting Group. "This should come as no surprise as marketing technology continues to have a bigger impact on the bottom-line of organizations that have a major ecommerce presence. However, marketing in a data-driven era means that the marketers need to ensure they are basing their decisions on accurate data. Correctly managing tags are at the core of this movement."

Key Findings
Lima Consulting Group's experts have distilled the data into the following findings: read more



Congratulations To Our Partner Ensighten For Acquiring TagMan


By Josh Manion, CEO

Four years ago, we founded Ensighten with a bold vision: to transform the way enterprisescollect, own and act on all of their customer data across every digital touchpoint. And in today’s increasingly connected world, as we move towards the inevitable ‘Internet of (Every) Things,’ our vision holds true —and is even more true for our customers.

Today we take a major step forward in achieving this vision with the acquisition of TagMan, the pioneer in Tag Management Systems. TagMan has been an innovator and thought leader in the tag management space since its founding in 2007. Its Marketing Data Platform is uniquely aligned with Ensighten’s Agile Marketing Platform, enabling customers to collect, own and act at massive scale:

  • Collect customer data from every digital touchpoint

  • Own all the data as first-party

  • Act on data in real-time to deliver personalized user experiences across every device and channel

One of the founding principles of Ensighten is to look at every issue—business or technology—through the eyes of our customers. This acquisition is no exception. We were attracted to TagMan not only by the quality of their team, technology and customer base, but also because they share this philosophy. A small but significant example of their customer-centric focus is how TagMan loads its page tag early and quickly. This is an important advantage for customers, enabling our combined technologies to guarantee that personalized content never flickers, user privacy is never at risk and analytics are never jeopardized.


Bottom line: what does this mean to you?

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Lima Partner, Ensighten Raises $40 Million

Ensighten Logo

On Wednesday, January 29th it was announced that Lima partner's Ensighten raised $40 million in Series B funding from Insight Venture Partners. We extend our congratulations on this exciting accomplishment!

The release states that "Ensighten will use the funding to expand its global footprint via increasing sales and marketing operations across the globe, driving continued product innovation for the company's market-leading platform."

Lima is proud Ensighten partner and is looking forward to sponsoring Ensighten's 2014 Agility Conference in San Francisco.

Visit the official and complete Press Release here.




Will You Be There?


Looking for us? We'll be on the road throughout the entire year at some of the most relevant Digital Marketing events in the Americas.

Look for us at Agility 2014! We'll be on stage on Thursday, February 6th at 3:40PM during the break out session presenting how one of the worlds largest call centers improved their return on marketing technologies RMT by over 1.600%. Listen to our customer story and let us know your thoughts.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 10.04.55 AM

Digital Marketing & Web Analytics Experts will Convene to Hone Skills & Exchange Experiences at Agility 2014

January 23, 2014

CUPERTINO, Calif., January 23, 2014: Ensighten, the leader in enterprise data and tag management, announced it will assemble some of the world experts in digital marketing and Web analytics at its annual customer and partner conference, Agility 2014. Building on last year’s highly acclaimed conference, which was attended by some of the world’s top brands and leading digital marketing agencies, Agility 2014 will take place over three days in February to immerse attendees in a rich curriculum. The conference will showcase some of the most creative digital marketing maneuvers made possible by Ensighten’s tag management technology.

When: February 5-7, 2014

Where: Westin St. Francis, San Francisco

Leading brands to present at Agility 2014 will include:“As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, we’re excited to offer Agility 2014 to customers, partners and practitioners who are shaping the industry as we know it," said Ensighten Founder and CEO Josh Manion. “The insights and use cases to be provided by some of the world’s most-recognized brands at the conference will serve as a driver for attendees’ marketing agility, helping to improve their organizations' performance and grow market share." read more


How Do You Gain Good Judgment?


To govern is to choose... 

That’s literally the root of the word – “to choose”.  Lou Gerstner, largely credited with turning around IBM's fortunes, said that the decisions he was most proud of were the times when he said “No”.

This axiom plays out in every line of work.  And most organizations those with the power to choose are usually those who have obtained the judgment needed, as generalists, to make those decisions.   So how do you gain good judgment?

I actually asked Andy Ratcliff, of Benchmark Capital that question when He came back to Wharton to present.  He explained that at Benchmark Capital they do not hire analysts or MBA’s because they look for people who can assess the quality of new category creating ideas.  read more



The Higher Up You Go In Your Career, The More Time You’ll Spend Allocating Constrained Resources


As a young Captain in the Army, I received an unusual assignment to work in the Pentagon as an Army Reservist in the newly created cyber warfare unit.  It was an exciting time and we were supporting the new edge of the battlefield, and learning what it meant to be serving in the digital frontier of war. 

My first few meetings that I happened to attend where there a General Officer (GO) presided were eye-opening.  They were interesting because I really had not had much first-hand exposure at that time in my career to what GO's did.  I was wondering when the hard questions would be asked or the mind-blowing digital strategies would be revealed.  Instead they mostly talked about priorities and which units would receive funding and when.  I learned that in the world's largest corporation (yes, some folks referred to the Department of Defense (DOD) as such) had different colors for money.  Blue money was Air Force, Green money was Army and such...


Prepping For Black Friday (2.5 Tips for Customers and 2.5 Tips for Companies)


As Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approach, the question in every consumer’s head can run something like this: Where will the good sales be taking place? Should I skip Thanksgiving altogether and shop early? When is a good time to start rapidly click “Refresh” so that I’m the first one to buy the $10 plasma TV on (Insert e-commerce website here)? From the business side (or the ones creating these coveted deals), it can be a little tricky trying to find the proper balance between discounting too much or losing customers for not discounting enough. Fear not! I’m here to arm you folks with the 2.5 tips and tricks you need to know for this upcoming shopping season!

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