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An Oracle and NetSuite partner’s assessment on today’s acquisition.

Why Oracle gets more than a Cloud ERP solution in their acquisition of NetSuite


I began the partnership for my consulting firm with NetSuite in 2006 and with Oracle since 2011. Today’s announcement is exciting and a long time coming. Today, Lima Consulting Group is one of only about 12 partners that were brought through the Maxymizer and Responsys acquisitions into the Oracle Marketing Cloud's partner network on a global basis.  We're very excited to see another of our key partners, NetSuite be acquired into the Oracle family. read more

New Partnership with SmartInsights for LCG

Lima Consulting Group Partners with Smart Insights

Interview with Paul Lima, founder of Lima Consulting Group

Why did you partner with SmartInsights?

When I started Lima Consulting Group (LCG) in 2004, I put an emphasis on establishing and implementing digital marketing best-practices. After servicing over 500 customers, LCG has an entire series of workshops and best-practices that the marketplace has come to expect from us. I was looking for resources to grow our best-practices library and frequently returned to the solid frameworks from David Chaffey, founder of SmartInsights (SI). We have a similar approach.

David Chaffey founded SmartInsights after having published the book, Digital Marketing, which is used as a base textbook in masters level programs. As I was approached by several universities to assist in their first Digital Marketing classes, and in building out our best-practices knowledge management database within the firm, I thought there were opportunities to collaborate in applying his models to our customers and having the SI community benefit from our models as well.

Within the first phone call with David, he seemed to think so too and our organizations immediately went to work to identify how to make a partnership happen. This is just the beginning of our partnership, we have a lot more announcements to come after our launch.

What does SmartInsights do really well?

David’s team is really strong in identifying best practices for digital marketers and documenting them in easy to understand ways. The strength of his approach and the materials you can find within the Smart Insights website make it easy for any digital marketer to immediately get to work using the e-books, power points, excel templates, word documents, and the many methodologies. As a matter of fact, we incorporate many of these tools within Lima Consulting Group as a way to leverage best practices across our customer base.

How can this partnership help me as a digital marketer?

There are three types of psycho-graphic segmentation’s in the marketplace. Delegator’s, Validator’s and Do-it-Yourselfers; all of whom can benefit from the SI and LCG partnership. If you think about the home improvements market, for many years Home Depot and Lowe’s really tapped into the marketplace to reach Validator’s. If you think about their taglines; “You can do it, we can help”, and “Let’s build something together”, they were appealing principally to those that had a pretty good idea of what they wanted to accomplish, but who wanted a trusted adviser to help them avoid mistakes and to get the job done right the first time.

BulletDelegators – Digital marketers that are overcommitted but need support in developing, deploying and optimizing one part of their digital marketing initiative, or the entire roadmap can work with LCG who can provide training, consulting, and of course, the execution to augment your agility. LCG provides access to the SI tools as part of our engagements and we use our internal LCG frameworks as well as the SI frameworks to help you reach your digital business objectives.

BulletValidators – Digital marketers that want help in formulating the digital marketing strategy, or some aspect of it with the help of a trusted-advisor. LCG can easily and quickly spin up the stakeholders through training, workshops and consulting. That typically begins with us working on an initial engagement to deploy the Digital Transformation Maturity Model for a three-five year time-horizon. From there, we can work on as much or as little as your organization needs us to help your execute the plan.

BulletDo-it-Yourselfers – A free or full-access subscription to SmartInsights to over 150 tools would help digital marketers accelerate planning, training and execution. You have a local partner to answer questions now that LCG is the first certified partner in the Americas from SI.

Even in organizations where the Digital Marketing team has the capacity and capability to fully develop, deploy and optimize a full digital marketing transformation, we have found that many of the executives that manage digital teams need a little bit of guidance and education in order to properly fund these types of initiatives. Digital Marketers can use LCG to assist them as evangelists and change agents.

What kind of firms can best use the benefits of your partnership with SmartInsights?

If Digital Transformation is important to you, then it’s important to us.

The main criteria we look for in our clients:

BulletEager to provide best-in-class customer journeys across web, mobile and apps,
BulletData Driven
BulletUnderstand the value in planning and strategy
BulletAspire to adopt Agile Methodologies if not already in place
BulletAre investing in digital technologies and methodologies

LCG serves organizations as small as $5 million in annual revenue all the way up to global organizations.

Access to much of the content within SmartInsights, including the blog and many e-books, are free. For those organizations that just want access to the materials, subscriptions start as low as $1,000 per user per year.

Dave Chaffey and Paul Lima


With the opportunity unleashed by the digital revolution, it has never been easier to deliver effective government services, and at the same time it has never been more difficult. Expectations have risen to unprecedented levels, as citizens have come to expect the same level of customer experience they encounter when they bank, shop, or communicate. The explosion of touch-points has changed how citizens wish to engage, and the flood of information is impacting the ability to engage them in meaningful ways.

Paul Lima, Lima Consulting GroupFounder of Lima Consulting Group, Paul Lima, will be speaking at the GTCE Summit & Adobe Partner Showcase on June 7 in Ottawa, ON about Digital Transformation:

Getting Smart vs Getting Return: Understanding how Government fares in the Digital Transformation Maturity Model
How do you measure up on the Digital Transformation Maturity scale? Along the path of Digital Transformation lie five phases, each which consist of about 10 tasks that organizations can take to advance along their unique path towards Digital Transformation. During this session we will share Digital Transformation Maturity Model and then share the assessment of government websites in Canada and the US assess within it.  In addition, attendees will learn best-practices for data governance, how to advance with confidence in providing world-class customer experiences, how to reduce call center costs, increase citizen engagement and accelerate digital transformation.

Lima Consulting - Transforming Digital FuturesJoin Lima Consulting Group at the GTEC Summit 2016 (Shaw Centre, 55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON) to learn more about our Digital Transformation Model.
Please register for the summit here.


Keeping Up with the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing extends well beyond marketing. Digital strategy touches nearly every business unit that touches the customer.

In 2004, when Lima Consulting Group (LCG) began, the big consulting firms had not yet established standardized digital practices. The specializations of analytics, tag management, social analytics, decision and recommendation engines for personalization, segmentation, A|B Testing and MVT testing, were either just emerging or non-existent, but we knew that the need for digital processing standardizations and adaptability would become a critical part of business practices.

Strategies and practices must be utilized to ensure digital practices transform with the ever changing digital landscape across all business units.

Most websites exist to acquire, convert, retain, engage and recover customers. The digital customer experience must extend across all business units including customer service, collections, account receivables, operations, product development, etc.

The migration to digital transformation involves more than marketing.

LCG updated our methodology from “developing, deploying and measuring” to “developing, deploying and optimizing”. It’s not enough to gain customer insights; that’s about getting smart. We also need to secure actionable intelligence, and get return. These two dimensions actually represent the X and Y axis of our digital transformation maturity model. (below)

Digital Transformation

In every business it’s hard to establish and keep a sustainable, competitive advantage.  But in digital businesses, it’s even more difficult.  Competitors can easily reverse engineer customer experiences.  It is important that organizations are good at:

- moving quickly
- launching early and often
- providing a minimally viable product offering.

All of these concepts are part of the Agile methodologies, which are being applied well beyond software development teams.

Jumping the Curve - Digital TransformationOnly Contant is Change | Digital Transformation

That’s a tall order to go it alone.


The New Google SERP Results: Who are the real winners?

Milton_160314_Image One Screen shot - CopyRecently Google announced their new SERP results layout. Google has recently removed the right hand side of “sponsored ads”. You’ll notice that the right side of the screen is now empty, whereas before there used to be about seven ads for highly competitive keywords. Since that update many folks have panicked and have adjusted their strategies to secure one of the top 4 allocated spots.

Larry and Sergey, want Googlers to have an elegant user experience, and to them, Google has always been about showing the most relevant content to each user based on the context of what Google knows about them; which is quite a lot…

At the same time, Google makes about 96% of their revenue through advertising revenue. The balance Google plays between providing a terrific user experience and maximizing ad revenue is a constant struggle for a publicly traded company that at its core is an advertiser.

The pendulum recently shifted in favor of the user in this latest change. With fewer paid placements on search result pages advertisers are scrambling to update their day-to-day pay per click bid management rules to try and secure the top spots. For those that do this manually, it is a tremendous effort, and with so much volatility in keyword auction prices, pricing is clearly not stabilizing. We are seeing that Google continues to experiment with various layouts and bidding logic behind the scenes so it’s going to be some time before the new bidding rules that advertisers may craft are going to require constant care. But rules-based, keyword bidding is so 2000’s.

Those advertisers that are using portfolio based, keyword bidding tools will have the upper hand. Specifically, for Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) customers, the volatility is a welcome landscape to flex its advanced analytics muscles. Advertisers using AMO can sleep well at night knowing that AMO’s Modern Portfolio Theory or MPT algorithms are set up to handle even the most volatile SERP changes. Keep in mind that the underlying equations were originally built to optimize return and risk for another auction, the stock market.

This chart shows how the math is applied to various stocks to optimize the portfolio of stocks as represented by the dots within the parabola below. Those portfolio combinations on the edge of the parabola are the optimal points between return (as shown on the Y Axis and risk, as measured by Beta/ volatility on the X Axis).
Milton_160314_Image Two Expected Return - CopyMilton_160314_Image TwoFooter
Economist Harry Markowitz introduced MPT in a 1952 essay,[1] for which he was later awarded a Nobel Prize in economics.

Bringing AMO to the party is like bringing a tank to a knife-fight.  Those still running manual and rules-based campaigns will be left paying much higher amounts for their paid search.

AMO is equipped to handle any changes Google throws our way, and as pay per click managers, we know AMO will continue to handle hundreds of thousands of keyword bids per day to optimize for conversions.  We have some customers that the system is running over 150,000 keyword, ad and placement variations every day.  No team of digital advertisers could keep up with that kind of experimentation, analysis and research. 

Milton_160314_Image Three screen shot2 - Copy

“Keywords in our algorithms are modeled by bids and their effect is on number of impressions, clicks and revenue, not position.” Sid Shah, Director of Business Analytics, Adobe Digital Business.

The self-correcting models AMO generates is a feature no other pay per click platform can offer across search, social and display.  That’s one of the reasons that Lima Consulting Group selected Adobe Media Optimizer as our singular platform for running paid search, social and display ads for our portfolio of paid search customers.

In the short-term, anyone using manual or rules-based platforms to manage their Google ad spend will lose the Google battle to those that are using programmatic engines that use portfolio based algorithms.  The winners of this battle are those that are able to adapt to the volatility in the most efficient way possible.  Agility wins.



What does Adobe buying comScore Digital Analytix mean to the marketplace?

Adobe acquires DAX

This morning, Bill Ingram announced on the Adobe website that it has reached an agreement to purchase the ComScore Digital Analytics Business.  In 2010, ComScore themselves acquired what is today the Digital Analytix product.  At that time, NedStat, based in Amsterdam had about 125 people and the transaction amount was $36.7 million USD.  Terms of the Adobe deal have not been disclosed yet, but needless to say, the DAX product has in fact been a formidable competitor to Adobe and has played well in developing markets, especially in video analytics.

ComScore had some pretty innovative product development through their Digital Analytix product. DAX became a robust and yet very flexible platform, with multiple capabilities regarding data collection and measurement, from the comScore market unified measurement (panel and tag data) to internal (like CRM) client data. We think that the acquisition was for three major areas: the DAX customer base, the DAX technology and the DAX engineering staff.

From ComScore’s perspective, their focus has been in advertising and media and while they have created a solid product development team, I wonder if they were interested in continuing to invest in the DAX product line relative to their other product lines for real-time advertising.

read more

Lima Consulting Group at SIP Connect 2015

See Paul Lima, Managing Partner of Lima Consulting Group presenting at the InterAmerican Press Association annual conference, SIP Connect 2015.

All guests attending to SIP Connect 2015 will gather for the closing ceremony today at 6:00 pm ET to learn from LCG's Maturity Model. Paul Lima will be also introducing, for the first time in history, the groundbreaking Return on Marketing Technologies Research findings for the Top 250 Media and Entertainment websites.

Lima Consulting Group audited the top 250 Media and Entreatment websites using ObservePoint's advanced tag auditing solution. Armed with this groundbreaking data, the team of Digital Marketing Analysts and Data Scientists at Lima Consulting Group came up with never before seen insights about the world's leading Media and Entertainment websites.

Minutes before going up on stage, Paul Lima said: "I’ve learned a lot from SIPConnect2015, I hope that I can only give back a little when I deliver the keynote tonight with Rosenthal as my partner. Rosenthal is a distinguished journalist and stateman of the industry, I’m honored to have the chance to work with him tonight. We plan to present a message of optimism to the journalists throughout the Americas"

See the complete presentation below and stay tuned to download the final Media and Entreatment white paper to:

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